Hydro is a relative newcomer to the New Zealand and Australian E-Cigarette market. Our Hydro Electronic Cigarettes offer smokers and current consumers using electronic cigarettes, a more realistic looking electronic cigarette that is smaller in size. It has of range of nicotine cartridge refills available in various strengths ranging from Zero to High. Hydro™ is available in selected bars, clubs and dairies.


The Hydro™ E-Cigarette - a rechargeable, battery powered device delivering realistic looking atomized vapour.

As it provides a similar look and feel to a traditional cigarette it offers a alternative to smokers. Discover the Hydro™ Electronic Cigarette nicotine inhaler advantage:

  • Smoke free
  • Suitable for use in most public places
  • Cheaper than standard cigarettes
  • Free from 4,000 chemical substances produced by the common cigarette
  • Contains Nicotine
  • Available Standard and Menthol Flavour

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